Ravebo Marine is an authorised service supplier for SunflameĀ®. Once every 5 years the burner is completely overhauled, revised and certified by one of our service engineers. Sunflame creates boiler burners and incinerators for marine vessels. A Marine incinerator is a machine on board that burns all types of waste generated on the vessel. This includes waste oil from the separator, rags, galley waste and special incinerators can handle plastic as well.

This time our engineer went to Turkey to complete a check up on a Sunflame burner. The 5 year service pack was taken along with the service engineer. On board our engineer checks the Sunflame burner completely and assesses if there is more that needs to be revised. On this occasion, the Rotary cup hub was damaged so he replaced it with a spare part. Also, the fuel oil distributor has visible marks and traces of dents that can cause further damage to the burner. For this it is necessary that new parts will be ordered and replaced urgently. After assembling the main burner and cleaning the parts that are dirty from oil our engineer puts the burner back in position and connects all the components. After the final check, the burner is then initiated and our engineer gives instructions to the crew on how to test trips and safety vales in front of the surveyor. Now the Sunflame burner of this vessel is now fully revised and ready for many years of operation!