What is a Rotary cup burner?

Sunflame Rotary Cup BurnerThe mechanism of a rotary cup burner is based on fuel oil which is guided to the inside of the cup which is spinning at high speed. A thin film of fuel oil is created by centrifugal power where it is hit by high air pressure where it atomizes.

Reliable Fuel Atomization with Rotary Cup Burners

A pressurized jet burner atomizes fuel by injecting oil at high pressure through a very small hole in the nozzle tip. The disadvantage of a jet burner is the fact that the nozzle can easily clog. The rotary cup burner does not need to have this small spray opening due to above mechanism, and can function with a wide viscosity range of fuel. There is no concern of fuel oil stuck during heavy fuel oil burning and the rotary cup burner can obtain stable combustion for a long period.

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Additionally, one of the big advantages is easy handling during the start of the burner in cold condition and whilst in continuous running, from a small boiler ranging to large boilers. Another advantage is to dispose waste oil which generates onboard. Wider ranges of viscosity can be accepted for the fuel oil applying to the rotary cup burner.

Switching fuel oils

Recently we have to switch two fuel oils which have totally different characteristics: one is low sulphur low viscosity fuel oil used in emission controlled harbour areas and the other is high viscosity heavy fuel oil used in other areas. Wider range of viscosities can be accepted in the fuel oil because the rotary cup burner does not require oil pressure for atomization. The complicated adjustment or maintenance jobs are not required when you switch fuels. It requires only minimum adjustment and can be handled easily.

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