Georim is a manufacturer of marine equipment based in Pusan Korea like Bilge pumps, Sludge pumps, Hydrophore units , sewage treatment equipment and is a market leader for Oily water separators (OWS). An oily water separator is a piece of equipment that separates the oily water mixtures (and other contaminants) what comes out the bilge of a vessel that could be harmful to the World’s oceans.

In order to protect the environment the IMO (International Maritime Organization) published regulations through the MEPC (Marine Environment Protection Committee) that all vessels build after 2005 had to be equipped with an Oily Water Separator that was able to achieve clean bilge water to a purity of under 15ppm of type C oil or heavily emulsified oil.

These separators must also be fitted with an alarm system that will automatically shut down the pumping overboard when the quality of the water exceeds the 15 ppm limit. The OWS from Georim is equipped with a new type of bilge alarm, model GBA-155. This 15ppm bilge alarm meets the latest stringent requirements set down by IMO and MEPC regulations. The bilge alarm continuously measures the concentration of oil in water and generates an alarm when the oil concentration exceeds the 15ppm level.

Ravebo B.V at Rotterdam is an authorized and certified agent to carry out the calibration, servicing, inspection, repair and testing of these units and in any case spares have to be used we have a full inventory of spares parts and can mobilize our well trained engineers to anywhere in the World 24/7.


15 PPM Bilge Alarm

15 PPM Bilge Alarm
Georim was established in 1989 and developed from the start oily water separators. These oily water separators are equipped with an oil content meter model GBA-155 and is produced based on Georims high technology and various experience in the field for 20 years. This bilge alarm unit meets the requirements of IMO resolution MEPC.107(49) and serves to contin... [Read more]

Bilge Alarm Information
Construction This instrument is constructed the control panel (DISPLAY/MEMORY) and the sensing module, and this instrument is housed in a deep drawn steel box providing protection to IP56 requirements. The sensing module is made by aluminium and is sealed to prevent water ingress. The electronic parts and alarm circuits are on plug-in Main circuit board.... [Read more]

15 PPM Bilge Separator

15 PPM Bilge Separator
Working principle Fig. 1 Separation of oil and water THE GRS-TYPE 15PPM Bilge Separator separates oil and water by difference of their specific gravity. The oily water is commenced to be separated when passing 4-way distributing device, and the floated and accumulated oil are collecting into the upper part of 1st chamber of the 1st vessel and also the r... [Read more]

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