This instrument is constructed the control panel (DISPLAY/MEMORY) and the sensing module, and this instrument is housed in a deep drawn steel box providing protection to IP56 requirements.
The sensing module is made by aluminium and is sealed to prevent water ingress. The electronic parts and alarm circuits are on plug-in Main circuit board. There are a digital LCD monitor for PPM display and four light emitting diodes (POWER, ALARM 1, 2 F.W) and six buttons for functional setting and check memory status on the front panel of the instrument.

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The measuring principle of the oil concentration

The oil concentration of the sampling bilge water in the sensing module is measured by light scattered of the oil particles. This bilge alarm monitor measure a ratio of the scattered light and transmitted light, and display the oil concentration (PPM) on the front panel.
The sample flows through a cylindrical glass cell through which a high intensity infrared beam is projected. Two photovoltaic silicon detectors detect the direct radiation and scatter by the oil particles, and PPM indicator display the measured PPM on the front panel.
If the oil concentration exceeds 15 ppm, an alarm relay 1, 2 and valve 1, 2 operate and an alarm 1,2 indicating lamp (Red) is on the front panel. This alarm set to work relay (RL1, RL2) by the zero-to-60sec delay timer (adjustable). The alarm time delay of the 15 ppm alarm is “zero” second and the alarm delay time is adjustable if necessary.

“Zero” check and calibration

Zero setting has been already adjusted at the factory, and the alarm has been already adjustedat 15 ppm (adjustable range : max. 15 ppm). “ZERO”can be checked by fresh water easily by ship’s hand, at first, remove the sampling connection and open the sensing module cap. Clean inside of the sampling tube by cleaning brush and clean water with cleaning chemical oil. After finish the above cleaning, fill the sampling tube with clean (potable) water, and close the cap, and then you can find "0" ppm. if not, clean again. But the accuracy checks can only be done by the manufacture or persons authorized by the manufacturer. We recommend that clean the sampling tube according to the above cleaning procedure whenever system is done. The accuracy of the 15 ppm Bilge Alarm should be checked at IOPP Certificate renewal surveys according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Alternatively the unit may be by replaced calibrated 15 ppm Bilge Alarm. The calibration certificate for the 15ppm Bilge Alarm, certifying date of last calibration check, should be retained onboard for inspection purposes. (ME PC49/22/ 4.2.11)


  • This equipment built in 32MB memory card can save data for 18 months.
  • If the memory card is full, the oldest data will be overwritten by new data.
  • The clock is factory set for GMT(Greenwich Mean Time).
  • Data Log of this equipment can be shown yearly, monthly or timely by using the data logger on the front LCD.