Georim 15 PPM Bilge Alarm

Georim 15ppm Bilge Alarm

Georim was established in 1989 and developed from the start oily water separators. These oily water separators are equipped with an oil content meter model GBA-155 and is produced based on Georims high technology and various experience in the field for 20 years.

How it works

This bilge alarm unit meets the requirements of IMO resolution MEPC.107(49) and serves to continuously measure the concentration of oil in the bilge and other waste water produced on a ship. When the oil concentration exceeds the maximum of 15PPM it will raise an alarm and the overboard valve will be closed so discharge of the waste water will be stopped immediately. The system will record date, time and alarm status and also the operating status of the 15 PPM bilge separator. The unit records data as per IMO regulations for a minimum period of 18 months and is able to display, print or save to USB a protocol for official inspections. The unit is constructed so that the alarm is always activated whenever clean water is used for cleaning or zeroing purposes.

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Authorised agent

As per IMO regulations this unit must be calibrated every 5 year but we recommend that owners do this on yearly basis. This calibration must be carried out by an approved service station like Ravebo BV. The crew can also do a calibration check by using an official calibration test kit, ensuring 100% that the unit is always in full working order.

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