Brannstrom Bilge Monitor

The Brannstrom Elektronik AB Company was founded in 1985 as a company specialising in developing tailor-made systems for, and in close co-operation with the customers. During the early years, the focus was on design; development and production of specific types of measurement processors for the maritime industry particularly bilge alarms, but also PC-Board design and the development of control systems and turbidity meters for sewage treatment plants. Within a short period of time the company expanded, and the product range of today includes areas such as marine pollution control systems (ODMCS), right through to land based papermill in-line monitoring systems.

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The company normally handles all involved activities that are included in the development of new systems, such as lay-out work, detail design, software development, production of PCB- boards, computer assembly, and a final inspection and test of each and every unit, prior to delivery. The majority of the computing systems that Brannstrom produces are for the control and surveillance of plants in the processing industries. These involve in-line measuring systems, alarm monitoring, memory sampling, and communication with external computers outside of the network.


All Brannstrom systems are designed for heavy-duty work, in tough environmental conditions. These are all in compliance with certification and test conditions established by international regulatory bodies, such as IMO, Classification Societies, as well as National Administrations. Brännströms Elektronik AB has a long tradition of developing systems with its clients that down to the smallest detail, are specifically designed for each application, utilizing the long term experience of research and design of the company. Using Brännström as a partner, developer and supplier, enables a very strong combination of an experienced partner to consult, hardware design and manufacturing capability, incorporating the development of all the necessary software programs for each product. 

Brannstrom installations

Traditionally, Brannstrom has been involved in the making of systems for in-line measuring and monitoring of the oil/chemical content in contaminated water, otherwise known as Oil Discharge Monitoring systems and 15PPM bilge alarms for ships, as well as manufacturing different types of turbidity meters and monitoring systems for sewage treatment plants. Water treatment systems, including monitoring systems for large and small pool installations, is also a big market where Brännström has established a foothold for many years now. A quite newly developed range of products, is a complete system for the electronic displaying of prices, in combination with a customer self scanning system for barcodes, that is to be used in our everyday stores and shops, enabling an increase in the shopping convenience of the customers. Besides that, another new and expanding design and developing area for Brännström, is the monitoring and surveillance system for heat treatment equipment, used in the welding industry. Finally, every unit is individually workshop tested in several steps, checking the function and performance, before delivery to the final customer.

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