Brannstromm Oilcap 158 Oil Detector

The Oil Contamination Alarm type OILCAP 158 measures capacitance between its rod and the walls of the water tank where it is installed. Lower capacitance indicates a higher concentration of oil in the water. The OILCAP 158 has an adjustable alarm limit, and when the capacitance falls under the set value (the oil concentration rises), a relay with opening and closing contacts is activated with a 1 second delay. When the capacitance again rises above the set value (the oil concentration falls), the relay is deactivated after a delay which is adjustable from 0 to 30 seconds in steps of 2 seconds. The OILCAP 158 is also equipped with an alarm relay to indicate power failure.

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Technical Features;

  • Power supply 100 VAC … 230 VAC
  • Relay NC & NO outputs for high oil concentration
  • Alarm delay 1 second
  • Alarm reset delay adjustable 0 – 30 seconds
  • Simple 15 step alarm level and delay setting with DIP switches
  • Relay output for power failure alarm
  • LED indication of measured level, alarm limit, delay setting, and relay status