Tanktech was established in 1991 and has since become the leading company for portable tank measuring systems and sampling equipment in the marine & oil and petrochemical industry. These portable tank measurement units named UTI’s (Ullage Temperature Interfaces)  are mainly used to measure the oil or oil/water level and the temperature. Tanks have different depths, so these UTI’s are available with tape lengths between 15 mtr and 40 mtrs.  The sensing probe consist of a stainless steel tube and includes an ultrasonic liquid level sensor, a temperature sensor and a conductivity electrode. The sensor is sending the values to the electronic box and display. To make sure that the UTI’s gives a correct measurement they have to be calibrated annually by a specialized technician. This equipment can be used for petroleum, chemicals and for hazardous liquids.

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Ravebo is the official sales and services representative located near Rotterdam in the Netherlands and has all spare parts on stock in order to carry out the calibration and or repair at any time. 

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