Tanktech High Velocity Relief Valves

Non-hammering high velocity pressure/vacuum relief valve

U-ISO-H/V/G series high velocity pressure/vacuum valve is designed to prevent the flame passage int0 cargo tanks and to relieve excessive over pressure or under vacuum of cargo tanks during cargo loading, discharging, ballasting and thermal variation. U-ISO-H/\//G series of high velocity pressure/vacuum valve, which provide non-hammering, non-accumulation condensate vapour and Non-corrosion for marine cargo tanks are very simple and advanced models. U-ISO-H/V/G series is designed to prevent the flame passage into cargo tank in compliance with IMO MSCICirc. 67711009. IS0 15364 and vapour control system of USCG (46 CFR.39-20.11 & 162.017).

No leakage type high velocity pressure/vacuum relief valve

KSRP is an integrated model of high velocity vent & vacuum relief valve. Combination of pressure & vacuum relieving is applied in a body, and it is definitely distinguished from conventional type of valve. Normally, the parts of pressure and vacuum are separated respectively, and the wide space should be arranged to install the previous valve. KSRP has the advantage on installation.

Special function

A special function is added for high velocity ventilation. VOC reduction is a hot issue for oil tankers, and one of the solutions is to increase the design pressure of cargo tank. VOC can be liquefied under 0.6 barg and the design of cargo tank should be changed. PV valve on the cargo tank can be modified for setting variation in an easy way. Therefore, KSRP is introduced for tankers. KSRP has the function of easy setting modification & no leakage.

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Leakage rate

Referring to API Code, leakage is commonly happened on a metal contact type relief valve. When the vessel enters a port, the leakage might make troubles during inspection. Leakage cannot be avoided in metal contact type of relief valve. Moreover, in case of the sticky cargo like crude oil, the leakage rate is happened more heavily.

Pressure design

On the basis of physical property of VOC. most of VOC is liquefied below 0.6 barg due to its saturated vapour pressure. Therefore, there have been many efforts to increase a design pressure of a cargo tank. Accordingly, the setting pressure of relief valve should be increased in proportion to the design pressure of cargo tank. However, the increase of setting pressure is hard to achieve, because there is limitation of weight or magnetic force and the design change should be followed. Various demands for the design pressure are satisfied by No Leakage Type Valve. For the higher setting, any design change is not needed. Change of adjust pin is the solution of the demands.

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