Service on board a large LNG vessel

The 5 yearly overhaul in the drydock

Our team of engineers went to the west coast of Spain for a service on board a very large LNG vessel. The vessel was in a drydock because of the 5 yearly overhaul, the vessel was this large that she just fitted in the dock.

Checking the valves

The engineers initially checked the pressure on the control valves, the temperature and the level of it.  After these checks they dismounted the valves from the vessels system, disassemble the valves, cleaning all the parts included, changed the O-rings, packings and gaskets, thereafter, reassembling the valves and greasing all needed parts. They then remounted the valves back to the vessels system, checked if the valves were working properly and finally calibrated them. After completion we carried out a sea trial to check the working condition of the valves. This was all to the satisfaction of the customer.