Tanktech high velocity P/V valve

Tanktech valve RaveboTanktech is producing a Rupture pin type valve, that is a non leakage, high velocity pressure vacuum relief valve. These valves are installed on cargo tanks of tankers and chemical carriers.

Preventing leakage

The purpose of these valves is to stop any leakage of gasses which can cause corrosion of the main PV valve. These rupture type valves are normally staying closed in a no leakage condition and only open at a preset positive pressure.

Advantages of these valves

  • Prevention of leakage
  • Lesser VOC emission from leakage
  • Free setting pressure variation without design change
  • Modification to higher setting pressure with low cost
  • Low VOC generation with higher setting pressure
  • Easy design for easy maintenance
  • decreased lapping work for tightness
  • Flame proof and non oscillation

Ravebo: Approved for IMO/USCG Compliance and Valve Certification by Tanktech

Meeting all the related regulations of IMO and USCG, Ravebo as Tanktechs' approved service company can test and certify these valves to ensure that they conform to Tanktechs' guidelines.