1800Ravebo, based in the Port of Rotterdam, has been an Official Sales & Service representative of Servomex for many years now. Servomex is the originator of, and world leader in, paramagnetic sensing technology and has a leading reputation in the development of zirconia, photometric, thick film, laser and plasma technologies for more than 50 years. Most of the IGG’s from Kangrim are equipped with the O2 analyzer model 1800 from Servomex. It seemed a logical step to intensify the business relation with Servomex.

Xendos 1800

This model 1800 O2 analyser only can be installed in a safe non-hazardous area. If this is not possible and the oxygen analyzer has to be installed in a hazardous area, then the xendos 1900 analyser has to be used in its place. The xendos 1800 is a high quality oxygen analyzer equipped with a paramagnetic measuring cell. The life time of the measuring cell can be extended by placing a wet sampler in front of the analyzer to prevent condensation of the sample in the measuring cell which reduces the lifetime. The calibration of the unit can be done by the crew and have to be checked either weekly, monthly or 3 monthly depending on application. At this moment Ravebo has all spares of this O2 analyzer model 1800 in stock. This stock - in combination with our specialized engineers - results in adequate repairs.

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Paramagnetic cells

These cells use the magnetic susceptibility of oxygen. For oxygen is this bigger than zero which means that the oxygen is being attracted by a magnetic field. When there is no magnetic field the gas behaves as a magnet without a direction of preference. The total magnetization of the molecules is approximately zero. Paramagnetic cells use the clever feature of oxygen by letting two glass rolls, filled with nitrogen and they will be placed between two glass plates including a mirror. When the gas sample is being led through the analyzer the molecules point in the direction of the magnetic field with the result that the oxygen molecules where a force will de executed of the glass rolls. The mirror will be rotated by this force. Through the change of orientation of the glass bolls is it possible to define the oxygen concentration in a very accurate way. Paramagnetic cells are more vulnerable but they are very accurate and stable. Paramagnetic cells are being used for oxygen analysis for medical purposes.