During December our service engineers where requested to attend a tanker vessel with IG issues. The vessel was located at Fort de France in Martinique and could not discharge due to the IGG not operating properly. Knowing in advance that there were issues with the O2 analyser the engineers took a complete Oxus analyser with them from our stock.

Once we had arrived on board it was found that the O2 analyser was non-functional. Our engineer hand carried the required spare parts and O2 analyser so on the arrival work could commence immediately.

First the old O2 analyser was checked and found non-functional. The old O2 analyser was removed and an Oxus O2 analyser was installed, the existing pipework was modified to make it all fit.

After the installation of the O2 analyser, it was calibrated and then tested. The next thing that was done was to check all the components of the IG.

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As it was not working in automatic mode. All valve positioners where calibrated, the I/P converter was calibrated and all input and output signals where checked. Adjustments were made to make it run properly and stable.

The crew was giving a short training on how to calibrate the Oxus O2 analyser and tips and tricks on how to use and trouble shoot the IG.

The new type Oxus analyser is the recommended analyser for all Kangrim IGG plants. These analysers now supersede all previous analysers. Because of the importance of these analysers it is also recommended that these are fitted in pairs. If one analyser malfunctions or requires servicing it is very easy to switch over to the other without interrupting operations. For this Ravebo are able to offer and install a changeover package.

Ravebo have experienced service engineers available 24/7 to travel to vessels with IGG problems. They are able to diagnose the issue and rectify them often within just a few hours of attendance. Our engineers are also able to carry out annual and 5 yearly health checks on the IGG plants.