The on-going global Coronavirus created a major negative impact on the Shipping industry for bulk carriers, oil tankers, container ships, cruise ships etc. This virus escalated to unexpected levels all over the world and has a severe impact on people’s health and on the economy. Due to this virus many countries went into a lockdown with restricted movements which means for all service companies working in the Marine and Offshore industry that they are facing problems these days to attend their regular customers when their vessels are in trouble or need regular service on their equipment due to restrictions from the governments and or from the jetty where the vessel is berthed. It makes the life very difficult for the managers, services companies but also for the crew on board of the vessel. Due to the restrictions several times we are not allowed to enter the country and impossible to attend the vessel so in order to help the owner/manager we are doing a lot of remote help for the vessel via the e-mail even though this is very tough for the service engineers as it’s difficult to explain it on a proper way to the crew what kind of information is required. For a service engineer it’s always better to attend the vessel by themselves so he can take the right measurements and solve the problem immediately. Even though we are facing a lot of problems we will do our at utmost to assist the Owner/manager and the vessel to help them out with the problem(s) what they are facing.


Covid 19
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