Nakakita Viscosity Transmitter UnitAlong with the soared fuel price in recent years, measures against degrading fuel used for ships have been drawing world's attention as a part of energy-saving. The practical applications have been advanced step by step and 6000 sec RW No.1 as the target fuel in the years to come. NS777C (Viscosity-Transmitter Unit) developed this time as a measure against degrading fuel is a version of NS777 series capillary type Viscosity-Transmitter Unit which has the proved performance over the past 20 years, and has improved reliability greatly through a number of improvements in the performance such as elimination of the pulsating pressure noise generated by the injection pump of diesel engines while employing a double gear pump system.

Measuring range 0 - 50 cSt
Viscosity of fuel oil used 6000 sec RW No.1
Rated pressure 20 kgf/cm2
Fluid temperature max. 200 °C
Connection flange 40 - 80 mm
150 - 300 lbs
Power source AC 100 or 115 V 50 or 60 Hz
Output signal pressure 0.2 - 1.0 kgf/cm2
Supply air pressure 1.4 kgf/cm2

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