Ravebo Marine Competencies

explore our extensive competencies in marine services, highlighting our dedication to excellence and technical expertise in the maritime industry. Below are key areas where we excel:

  • Electro-Hydraulic Systems: Our seasoned technicians have substantial experience with electro-hydraulic systems, proficiently handling equipment such as winches, windlasses, and cranes from top brands like McGregor-Hagglunds and Tsuji.
  • IGG/IGS, Boilers, Cargo Pumps: We offer comprehensive maintenance and troubleshooting services for inert gas systems, inert gas generators, boilers, and cargo pumps. Our team is skilled in ensuring these critical components meet operational standards and safety requirements.
  • HVAC Systems: Proficiency in servicing and maintaining HVAC systems onboard is another hallmark of our service offerings. We ensure optimal functioning of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, enhancing comfort and safety on board.
  • Stern Tube, Fresh Water Generator, Auxiliary Engines: Our expertise extends to fault finding and maintenance of stern tubes, freshwater generators, and auxiliary engines. We work with renowned brands such as Yanmar, Sulzer (Wärtsilä), MAN (B&W), Doosan, Caterpillar (CAT), and Volvo Penta.
  • Radar and Bridge Equipment: We handle the installation and commissioning of radar systems and bridge equipment, focusing on performance optimization and navigational safety.
  • ODME and FRAMO Systems: Our team is adept in maintaining and troubleshooting Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment (ODME) and FRAMO pumping systems, crucial for environmental compliance and efficient cargo operations.
  • Level Gauging: We provide calibration and modification services for all level gauging systems onboard, ensuring precise measurements and operational integrity.
  • Maintenance on ship radars
  • ECDIS service: installation, connection, software configuration
  • VDR service and troubleshooting
  • SAT-C service and troubleshooting
  • IT: installation and configuration of system programs, various office equipment.

At Ravebo, our commitment to maintaining and enhancing your maritime operations is unmatched. We pride ourselves on our technical capabilities and our proactive approach to solving complex challenges in the maritime sector.

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