1973 Founded as Menro International B.V.
1982 Start of activities optimization & renovation of air treatment installations
1984 Start activities related to emission reduction development and installation
1985 Start of activities optimization and renovation of cooling water systems
1989 Introduction of sprinklers and spraying technology
1989 Relocation of the Scharloo building in Brielle to the current location on the industrial estate 't Woud
1991 Collaboration with Mannesmann Demag compressed air compressors
1994 Activities development and delivery of compressed air-powered MADEKO cleaning and aeration products
1995 Collaboration with Rota Verpackungstechnik in Wehr
1997 Acquisition of Deha & Envicare in Huizen (including products from Tecora, LSI, Castle)
1997 Own calibration workshop
1998 Merger Manotherm (services for shipping: including Nakakita) and Menro International B.V.
1999 Name change: Menro International B.V. becomes Ravebo Supply B.V.
2001 Part of Imtech N.V. where Ravebo Supply B.V. Can autonomously come to the four division structure:
 - Industry - Process Equipment (Gas treatment and Cooling towers)
 - Industry - MADEKO
 - Occupational health and safety, Environment & Process technology / Healthcare & Pharmacy
 - Marine & Offshore
2004 Commissioning of calibration room 2
2006 Start of cooperation Grimm Aerosoltechnik - particulate matter measuring equipment (Germany)
2007 Independent Ravebo Supply B.V.
2007 Name change Ravebo Supply B.V. - Ravebo B.V.
2008 Review current location
2009 Start of cooperation Kangrim - boilers (Korea)
2010 Start of cooperation GSA Messgerätebau GmbH - sampling pumps (Germany)
2010 Start of collaboration Clark Reliance - instrumentation and filtration (USA)
2011 Start of collaboration with Mita Cooling water systems (Italy)
2011 Commissioning online customer web for service and calibration contract customers
2012 Start of collaboration with Georim - oily water separators (Korea)
2012 Commissioning of calibration room 3
2012 Start of collaboration with Sunflame - rotary cup burners (Japan)
2012 Start of cooperation Mirae - winches (Korea)
2013 Start of cooperation Gasmet Technologies Oy - gas analyzers (Finland)
2013 Start of cooperation JCT Analysentechnik GmbH - sampling conditioning (Austria)
2014 Start of collaboration with GfG - gas detection systems (Germany)
2016 Start collaboration Dadolab - monitoring and sampling systems (Italy)
2016 Start of collaboration Dae Heung - calorifiers (Korea)
2019 Commissioning air-conditioned Marine & Offshore workshop and calibration room
2019 Opening of Building 2 for Operations department
2020 Launch website for Marine & Offshore department (www.ravebomarineserivces.com)

history ravebo
history ravebo
history ravebo
history ravebo
history ravebo
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