Ravebo B.V. is aware of the responsibility to take care of a clean and healthy environment. Taking care of the environment enlarges the quality of our services after all. Ravebo B.V. constantly strives after environmental impact reduction of the business activities and also takes care of accurate observing of governmental regulations with regard to environmental issues. Ravebo B.V. will actively contribute to the government aims on these issues. There will be a good and open contact with the government and the neighbourhood concerning the environmental items. In practicing all business activities and using dangerous goods best technical and economical measurements and provisions are taken care of to decrease possible unfavorable effects to a minimum. A well considered control and reduction of the environmental load will be a constant point of interest in our management (prevention of environmental load in stead of cleaning).
Every employee should perform best as possible to prevent the environment from damage showing their dedication and involvement. Environmental instructions should be followed up according to the rules.

Applied in:
Ravebo B.V. supplies and optimizes niche products and systems, which reduce emission and also save energy for environmental promotion. At the same time a lot of these products take care for better occupational circumstances.



  • Energy saving venturi based products
  • Sound level reducing air nozzles
  • Scrubbers for removing odour, dust and gasses

Marine & Offshore

  • 15 ppm monitors, ODM’s and OMD systems
  • Optimization of burners
  • Adjustment and repair of inert gas systems

Health safety & Environment

  • Nano and fine dust particle sizers and counters
  • Sampling systems for emission and immission
  • Gas analyzers