On 1st of July 2021, Cheikh Bouamama, Spain, we sucessfully completed the drydock job.

The vessel was coming to Ferrol for their 5 yearly drydock inspection. They needed qualified engineers to overhaul 10 Nakakita steam valves for the Steam Turbine main engine along with a general check on the tank level gauge system.

All the valves were disassembled. Once disassembled the cage & piston were examined for wear and replaced where necessary. Gaskets and o-rings replaced and seats were lapped. Once the valves were re-assembled back into position, all the pneumatic and electric positioners were checked and calibrated. Once this was complete dit was found that the temperature controllers were out of sync. A few hours later and everything was functioning correctly. During commissioning all valves were inspected and tested by the class surveyor and found to be in full working order.

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